Filing Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

The following link will open a Notice that is required reading for individuals filing for Bankruptcy.  Read it carefully and heed the "Read These Important Warnings" on page 3.

Notice Required by 11.U.S.C. § 342(b) for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Basics

For those of you that may be considering filing for Bankruptcy protection in the State of Oklahoma, the following links will be of particular interest:  As I will only be working within the Eastern District of Oklahoma, you may wish to enter a web search for the other Districts if you are not a resident of the Eastern District, primarily Adair, Sequoyah and Leflore Counties boarding the State of Arkansas.

Oklahoma is with Region 20 and there are two Assistant U.S. Trustees, Charles S. Glidewell in Oklahoma City and Katherine M. Vance in Tulsa.